Tempo - Metronome with Setlist App Reviews

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Excellent + a proposal

Excellent, especially associated with ´pitch from the same provider. It would be even more pleasant if the sounds could be associated to a simple drumbox with some preset patterns.

Just awesome !

Fantastic tool, very professional ! It has become part of my working environment, I use it often to fine-check my tempos, and I really like it. The perfect app for a conductor or instrumentalist : simple, accurate, easy to use... And quite beautiful too ! Could you ask for more ?

Improvements needed

Im using this app for years with pleasure. Watch companion : 1/ presents high latency between action action on screen and real action. 2/ Cannot change the set list from the watch, can only change the song inside the playlist. 3/ When switching from playlist screen to Manuel use, tempo displayed is last selected manually while playing the set list one. Needs action on watch screen to adjust. This app would deserve a PC one to store all songs in a library (for example by artist name) and define different set list for different uses. Some ideas for developers.

F* Great!

Buy it.


The Start button has a delay of a few milliseconds, so please fix it!!!

Very nice

The new version is much better

Greater app

Just what it takes. Very useful and practical.

App top

Curti, funciona bem.


I am a user since 2010! A lot of updates and new features in the last years. I am big fan!!

Perfect Professional Metronome!

An absolute Breeze to use! I do use it professionally Every Day and Im still very happy!

Are you an Musician? If yes this is a Must have!

This is the best App. in the store. Great Support , Easy of Use! For me as a Drummer I dont wanna miss it! Regards and have fun


Bestes Metronom was ich bisher benutzt habe!

Great app!

The best metronome for your device ;-)

Solid and powerful.

Nice, big buttons and displays make this great tool easy to use on my iPad. Im sure Ive only scratched the surface of what Tempo can do, but I love it for my current needs and look forward to discovering everything else.

Super Tool

Best metronome app I have found. I use for myself and teaching every day.

Very good

I have no comparison with other apps (just to be clear), but it serves my purpose VERY WELL in giving different "beat patters", plus, the voice counting. Interface is also good. Certainly I would recommend it.

Drummers, listen up.

Fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic. Working drummers, this here is the only metronome/metronome app youll ever need. Sell or bury your RW105s and grab this app.

Love this app

This is a great app, love that it has a timer that counts down so that it stops after. The different modes are also nice I only wish you could set different timer settings for each song in a set list.

Does what it says on the can !

You can spend a lot of time looking for an app - use this one and spend that time on using the app!

Awesome App

I use this app every weekend in my worship band and other gigs. The ability to store songs, put together your list in order and change from one song to another is great. The flash mode is easy to see. Love It!

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